Capital Campaign

The athletic programs at ECSU have experienced tremendous growth the past few years. Over the last decade, our athletic programs have expanded on many levels. As the Athletic Department of ECSU continues to grow in its proud tradition, linking the past with the present in anticipation of the future, now is the time to recognize and respond to the call for renewed vision, leadership, and commitment to the mission of ECSU.

To guide the Capital  Campaign, the Athletic Department has established the following priorities:

  • Priority 1: $XXXX for stadium seating and a press box at the Stadium Field (football/track & field)
  • Priority 2: $ XXXX for indoor sports seating 
  • Priority 3: $ XXXX for field lights on the baseball field
  • Priority 4: $ XXXX for field lights on the softball field
  • Total Estimated Cost: $ XXXX

In order to realize these goals, the Athletic Department needs the help of the families and community of ECSU as we launch this Capital Campaign. Thanks to a private donation of $XXXX and a Viking Varsity Club contribution of $XXXX, our campaign is off to a promising start with $XXXX in support of our goal of $XXXXX.

With 11(?) sports teams and over XXX student-athletes, support of our Capital Campaign is vital to the success of our teams. We encourage you to join us and invest in the future of ECSU Athletics. With your generous donation, our student-athletes will have the facilities to continue to grow and compete at a high level—continuing the tradition of excellence at Elizabeth City State University.

In order to contribute to our CapitalCampaign, we have set up several ways to participate in our efforts. Here are several ways to contribute:

“Fill A Seat” Program

In an effort to reach our first two priorities of seating, we are offering a sponsoring of seats (this does not reserve any seat) for:

  • $XXX per seat,
  • With the first XXX seat contributions going toward priority #1, and
  • The second XXX seat contributions going towards priority #2.

In return for a seat contribution, the donor will receive their name on a donation board located near the seating themselves.

Signage Sponsorship Program

We have two ways to participate in this Program:

The Inclusive Program (One-Stop-Shop)

Blue Level

  • $XXXX for one year/$XXXX for two years
  • Advertisement in all Sports Game Programs
  • Advertising signs at all 4 game areas
  • Golf Outing Hole Sponsorship
  • Golf outing admission for two people

Red Level

  • $XXXX for one year/$XXXX for two years
  • Advertising signs in two game areas
  • Advertising in all sports programs

White Level

  • $XXX for one year/$XXX for two years
  • Advertising sign in one area
  • Advertising in all sports game programs

The Targeted Program

  • Sponsoring a specific sport
  • Sponsoring a specific game or event
  • Sponsoring a specific item (ex. Viking Varsity Club Membership)
  • Sponsoring during a specific time of year
  • Golf Outing title/hole/driving range/drink cart sponsorship
  • Coupons and/or flyers used as school promotion

Individual and Corporate Donations

These donations will be recognized by the description below:

Blue and White Level – Gifts below $XXXX

  • Benefits received with this donation could include: being tax deductible, admission to athletic events, Spirit Wear, donor listing on website and in athletic programs, name plate on the property, and/or other recognitions.

Viking Level – Gifts of $XXXX to below $XXXXX

  • Benefits received with the donation could include: naming rights on specific facilities for 2-3 years, sponsorship signage, and/or other recognitions, in addition to benefits listed for the Lion Level.

Pride Level – Gifts of $XXXXX and above

  • Benefits received with this donation could include: permanent naming rights on specific facilities, sponsorship signage, and/or other recognitions, in addition to benefits listed for the Lion and Pride Levels.

If you have any questions regarding the Viking Capital Campaign or how to contribute, please call the ECSU Athletic Office at XXX-XXX-XXXX.