Our Members

The Viking Varsity Club is comprised of generous and loyal supporters dedicated to maintaining the gains that have been made in the past half century at Elizabeth City State University. By becoming a contributor, or by maintaining your contribution to the Club, you help support one of the most visible and admired programs in the coference and region. More important, contributions made to Viking Varsity Club provide the framework for Elizabeth City State University Athletics that makes winning possible—i.e. scholarships, facilities, and championship caliber coaches. 

Special thanks to the following supporters:

Ms. Ziner Alexander

Mr. Scotty Arnold

Mrs. Melrese Barnes

Mr. William Barnes 

Mr. Randy B. Bell

Mr. Eddie Bland

Mrs. Gwendolyn D. Bowser

Mr. John Brooks

Dr. Earl Brown

Mr. William Bryant

Mrs. Bertha Bryant

Mr. Joesph Buggs

Mrs. Carolyn Buggs

Mrs. Irene Bullock-Overton

Mr. Marion Britt Byrd

Ms. Jacqueline Carr

Mr. Matthew Coates

Ms. Maxine Cooper

Ms. Lena Council

Dr. Tyrone W. Davis

Mr. Charles Couch Davis

Mr. Tyron Eason

Mr. Thomas Evans

Dr. Jeanette Evans

Mr. Thomas Evans 

Ms. Shirley Fields

Dr. Stacy Franklin-Jones

Mr. Reuben Godfrey

Mr. Robert Goodman

Mr. Nathaniel Grant, Jr.

Mrs. Mary Hagans

Mr. Willie Hagans

Ms. Ina L. Hager

Ms. Michelle Hale

Ms. Sally Harmon

Mr. Rodney Hawkins

Mr. John T. Hazel

Mr. Donald Herring

Mrs. Susie Hodges

Mr. Pedro Holley

Mr. Julius Hunter

Dr. Darnell Johnson

Ms. Gloria Johnson

Ms. Mable W.  Johnson

Dr. Stephanie Johnson

Mr. Lavern Jones

Mrs. Margaret Jones

Ms. Barbara J. Lee

Mr. Alvin Lewis

Mr. Matthew Lewis, Jr.

Mrs. Lenora Mackey

Dr. Claudie Mackey

Ms. Regina McCain

Mr. Phillip McCoy

Ms. Alice McDonald

Mr. Harris McIntyre

Ms. Ralisha Mercer

Ms. Tracie Merrimen

Mr. Victor Moody

Mr. Nathaniel Moore

Mr. George Morgan

Mr. Sherman Mumford

Mr. Isaac Oliver

Ms. Mildred J. Person

Mrs. Ruth Peterson

Mr. Lloyd Porter

Mr. Earnell Purington

Mr. Abdul Rasheed

Mr. Craig Raye

Mrs. Vonda Reid-Riley

Mr. Billie Joe Reid

Mr. Julius Riddick

Mr. Bobby Riley

Mrs. Audrey Robinson

Mr. John Robinson

Ms. Davene Rutledge

Ms. Gwendolyn Sanders

Mr. Gene Selby

Mr. William Settle

Mrs. Mary Slade-Settle

Ms. Evelyn Shaw

Mr. Ervin C. Simons

Ms. Carolyn C. Smith

Mr. Phillip Smith III

Mr. James Spence

Mrs. Betty Spencer

Mr. Otis Strong

Mr. Gary Stubbins

Mr. Anthony Swain

Mrs. Cassie Swimpson

Dr. Shirley M. Turnage

Ms. Judy Turner

Ms. Demetra Tyner

Mr. Joe Underdue

Mr. Robert Vaughn

Mrs. Katie Walker

Mr. Terrance Whittle

Mrs. Celeste A. Williams

Mr. Leroy F. Williams

Ms. Jacquelyn Wooten

Ms. Brenda Wynne