Hall of Fame Inductees

The Hall of Fame’s sole purpose is to recognize those student athletes, coaches and administrators who have contributed the most to Viking Varsity Athletics over the years.

It places on record forever the names and achievements of the men and women who have brought National and International acclaim to their University through athletics and who, after graduation, have gone on to bring further credit to their school, their communities and themselves by the manner in which they have assumed their responsibilities as citizens.

*Dr. Sidney F. Williams

*Dr. Herman G. Cooke

Robert L. Vaughan

*Thomas L. Caldwell

*Alphondus Crowder, Sr.

*Percy Daniels

Dr. Marvin Trotman

Gary Q. Stubbins

*Bob White

*George Felton

Hubert Moorer

Henry Rhoulac

Arthur "Boo Boo" Gaskins

Billie Anderson

Leonard Carmichael

Glen Wendley

Richard Todd

*Johnnie "Cup" Williams

Willie "Nan" Weeks

John Cashwell

Spencer Mayfield

Darnell Moore

*Dr. James T. Jackson

Debra Fogle-Williams

Edward Cooper

Lee "Slick" Booth

Diana Cheavers-Reaves

James Pailin

Reginald D.Langhorne

James Pugh

Bruce Carmichael

Atlas Davis

Joseph Hand

Tim Cofield

Tony Thompson

*Eugene Pailin

Mike Hill

Dwayne Whitfield

Patricia Taylor

Dr. Wade Robinson

*Stephen "Corky" Scott

Nate Higgs

Alvin Lewis

Michael Mabry

David Stukes

Karen Watkins

Irvin Coggins, Jr.

*James Greer

Jethro Pugh

*Joseph Jordan

*Isaac Battle

James R. Spence

*Jacob Felton

*Dr. Donald Brandon

*Ernell White

*Larry Horton

Mike Gale

Jack Kennedy

Aly K. Johnson

B. Jerome Newsome

*Charles Carr

Fred Lewis

Oscar Smith

Harry Freeman

Lawrence T. Harrell

*Dr. Walter N. Ridley

*Erskine Morgan

Norris E. Francis

Thomas Blue

Melvin Earl Boyd, Sr.

Cameron Curtis

Jesse E Parker

Dr. Charles Singleton

O. J. Reynolds

Grover Armistead

Ronald Leigh

Willie Stewart

Valerie Croker Artis

Carmen Judkins

Elvin James

*Lawrence Alford

Samuel "Ronnie" Hubbard

Richard Morgan

Tim McDaniels

Rev. Benjamin Brown

Torian C. Williams

Ronald Stewart

Lawrence Parker

Everette McIver

Maurice Harrod

Franklin D. R. Felton

Dr. Darnell Johnson

Ernest Bell

Audrey Prophet

*Ernest "Huskie Davis

Argle Whitfield

Rocky Randall

Thurlis Little Jr.

Alvin Kelley

Bobby Riley

Dr. Claudie J. Mackey

*Benny Hodges

Joe Buggs

Johnny Walton

Henry Fields

Dr. Randy Tootle

Percy Watson

James Godfrey

*Fredrick N. Hall, Sr.

Pierre Bland

Johnnie Williams

Larry Johnson

John W. Brooks

*William Stanton

Stanley Whitehurst

Horace Jones

Eric Keyes

George Miller

Santiago Burrell

*James "Fuzzy" Williams

*Bobby Futrell

Richard "Dick" Branch

*Roy Knight

Grover Armistead

Dwight Taylor

Lonnie Davis

James Hamilton

* James Cofield

William Melton

Robert Tiller

Albert Baker

Maryland Bright

Paul Martin

Christopher Pendergrass

Shawn Walker

Addie Griffin

Terri James

Paul McCray

Phillip Smith

Reuben Godfrey

Alvin Wilson