Club Governing Body

Executive Officers

Matthew R. Coates

Club President

Class of 1988

Tyron "Taz" Easton

Vice President

Class of  1986

Robert Goodman

Financial Secretary

Class of 1988

Pamela Hunter


Class of 1988

John Sawyer


Class of 1989

Jacqueline Carr

Membership Chair

Class of 1988

Maxine Cooper

Membership Co-Chair

Class of 1976

Wytella Ford


Class of 1983

Corresponding Secretary

Class of XXXX

Board of Directors

  • Jeanette H. Evans, Ed.D.
  • Nathaniel Grant
  • Patricia Harris
  • Susie Hodges

  • Lenore Mackey
  • Nathaniel Moore
  • Shirley Turnage, Ed.D.
  • Celeste A. Williams

Chancellor Appointed Board Members

Dr. Stacey Franklin Jones

J. Lin Dawson
Interim Athletic Director

Ralisha Mercer
Interim Vice Chancellor for Institution Advancement